Registration now open for EUROPAH training workshop

“PAHs in the ISM; Observational, Experimental and Computational Tools” – is now open for registration. The training program will run at the Les Houches School of Physics from Monday 2nd – Friday 6th April and has been organised jointly by EUROPAH, and the Dutch Astrochemistry Network, DAN-II by Antoine Gusdorf (LERMA, Observatoire de Paris), and Xander Tielens (Leiden Observatory).

Visit the training event website for more details.

AIM: This event will give a comprehensive view of the role of PAHs in space with thorough introductions to astronomical observations & theory, experimental & quantum chemical techniques relevant for the study of PAHs in the interstellar medium of galaxies, and observing opportunities from the ground and with the to-be-launched James Webb Space telescope.